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In 2010, the ESMG was dressed in new clothes. In this context, we also wanted an appropriate corporate animal. Pets ultimately provide a pleasant atmosphere and are always a good thing.

Of course, the animal should be a good match for us and represent us perfectly. It should also be c
ute, but not too much. In any case personable, extremely knowledgeable and interesting in a subtle way. Maybe even a little mysterious. A wonderful furry was also essential. Of essential importance to us was its expertise in the areas of explosion protection, process safety, fire protection and hazardous material handling. A college degree and many years of professional experience were also assumed.

Well ... this was the point where our project began to stumble ...

Ultimately, we chose a furry friend who meet the majority of the above conditions, but generally brings no expertise in the areas of explosion protection, process safety, fire safety and hazardous material handling. We looked in vain for evidence of a completed study or work experience.

The look in his large, confidence-inspiring eyes, and his good acquaintance with numerous experts in the above fields has finally convinced us. Now he belongs to the ESMG-family and clarifies your questions with the relevant experts. Therefore we are delighted to introduce to you our expert in the field of communication.
Here you go, Mr. Fred:
You can contact Fred directly by email

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