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ESMG seminar in Italy

On May 25th the international seminar seminar "Modern techniques for fighting fire and explosion", was held in the main hall of the provincial command of the Fire Department in Turin. The seminar was organized by the European Safety Management Group (ESMG) and its member company ETEA in collaboration with the local non-profit Pro.fire

The conference was attended by many international speakers in addition to the representative of central management for the prevention and technical safety of the Fire Department.

The meeting was aimed at security managers, designers, technicians, installers and manufacturers of equipment intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres and explosion protection in plants.

The commander of the Fire Department in Turin, Ing. Silvio Saffioti, has introduced the works that have dealt with topics such as: chemical and physical properties of combustible dusts, liquids, flammable gases and vapours as well as modern techniques of simulation software to lay the foundations for the new integrated approach to risk management of fire and explosion. Also the most relevant aspects related to modern fire and explosion were shown through an overview of the main international regulatory developments, methodological and application in the prevention of and protection against explosions and fires.

The study day ended with an outdoor demonstration of a controlled explosion on a small scale with the use of suppression devices.



Ligna Highlight - Explosion protection in wood industry

This year, we offer you an absolute highlight in conjunction with the Ligna trade fair in Hannover (30.05. until 03/06/2011). The Ligna is the world's most important trade fair for the forestry and wood industry, providing national and international visitors with innovative products and new products for timber harvesting and hauling supply, machinery, equipment or tools for woodworking and wood processing.

With our 1-day event "explosion in the timber industry," we give you the perfect complement to your visit. In the immediate vicinity and on the premises of our member company Fagus GreCon Greten GmbH, you can expect a professional event tailored to your needs with relevant topics to optimize the fire and explosion protection in the timber industry.

The factory system of Fagus Grecon Greten GmbH in Alfeld, is a registered historic building since 1946, open to the public. The Factory is now in its fifth generation a family-run company and is world famous as the first object of modern architecture by architects and in professional circles. The Fagus-GreCon exhibition is in collaboration with the National Museums in southern Lower Saxony, the Ministry of Science and Culture as well as external consultants developed and shown to a total of 3000m ² of exhibition space spread over eleven floors in a former warehouse.

As part of our specialist event "explosion in the timber industry," we support you with a interesting one-hour guided tour through the production and exhibition.

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