LIVE Explosions

We make it crash...

...... with our events in Möhnesee not only an informative and interesting course in the theory is waiting for you.

On the grounds of the Synergy Park Graf Yorck, with 30ha test and training area, we offer you the opportunity to attend, our unique and captivating live performance explosions ...

...simply, theory to touch!

The site of the Synergy Park Graf Yorck provides companies in the areas of explosion protection, process safety and fire protection with 30ha lots of room for outdoor training and professional events around the topic of security.

For our Live-demonstrations we use the unique explosion area located on the grounds of our member company Inburex Consulting GmbH. The Inburex Consulting operates here their research and testing laboratory, Wilhelm Jost Institute.

On a total of more than 800 square meters, the possibility exists to perform advanced technical research facilities in all areas of process technology.

Noteworthy is the ex-hall. It is built in time for a pilot plant for emergency relaxation systems. The analytical laboratories provide laboratory facilities for all activities including an electrostatic laboratory. The fire chamber of Wilhelm-Jost-Institut has a volume of 100 cubic meters and is equipped with adjustable over-or under-pressure relief valves. To dispose the resulting fire gases, a suction / ventilation system with scrubbers and activated carbon absorbers is connected.

The Wilhelm-Jost-Institut is concerned, as a scientific institute with an interdisciplinary working group to address problems of process engineering, plant and process safety, fire and explosion protection and environmental protection.

For more information on Wilhelm-Jost-Institut, please refer to the menu item "Cooperation"

You might also simply treat yourself to even a long weekend in conjunction with one of our professional events.

Relax in beautiful surroundings and atmosphere, or spend a few days on active sporting at Möhnesse.

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